Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Mid-Year Revival

Happy Wednesday, friends! Can you believe that we are mid-year, already? I just can't. The first 6 months of 2019 have been great and, I am very expectant for the months to come!

God has been doing so much in our lives this year. He has been teaching us, growing us, comforting us. Especially as we continue in our season of waiting for baby #2. If you don't already know, I have PCOS, which makes it a little more tricky when it comes to conceiving a child. I was actually told by doctors for over a decade that I'd likely never have children because of it. 

God is greater than the odds, though. I have had two pregnancies in my lifetime; one miscarriage in 2012, where God provided me peace beyond understanding (Phil. 4:7) , and one beautiful baby beyond our wildest dreams. Our miracle, Piper Grace, was born in 2015. I pray that baby #2 will be born in 2020. If not, He is still good!

I have always been transparent in this blog and so I will say that this season of waiting hasn't been all that easy. Even this past week, when my cycle began, I was mad. I was sad. I fell to my knees and cried bitterly to God. Thankfully, He used Nick to pick me back up and remind me of His truth. Even when I grow impatient, God's grace covers me like a blanket.

Part of my learning in this season of waiting has been to surrender my timeline to Him. His timeline has been and will always be better than I could ever imagine; for our good and His glory.

June was Revival Month at our church. We had the opportunity to attend a Revival Night service at which point we were given some time to pray for more of the Holy Spirit and, for supernatural/spiritual gifts. Nick went into Revival Night and came out of it feeling a little skeptical. I went into it feeling expectant and like I was even more at home. Despite his skepticism, Nick prayed for the Spirit to speak to him in some way. Although there were many people who heard from the Spirit that evening, Nick was met with silence.

The following Sunday, during a prayer time with a group of people at church, they made the time and space to practice hearing from God. Again, Nick prayed to hear something. Again, Nick was met with silence. He felt defeated. He felt like God couldn't hear him. A moment later, somebody said that they had a word for Nick and he was shocked! They said, "God hears you and He sees you". They also said that He wanted to give Nick the word "Adventure". Immediately, Nick interpreted this word from the Spirit as "Adventure to be". A promise from God that we would one day conceive again.

I am in awe with how God used somebody else to share His words in a way that Nick could understand. He is so faithful. He loves us so much. Thank you, God.

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