Monday, September 16, 2019

Fair Week + My Sister's Family is Home!

Fair week was extra special this year because, my sister's family came home to visit! Today is their last day here with us and so you better believe I am going to soak up some extra snuggles with my baby nephews before they go!

Last Tuesday was when all the fun began! We were all reunited after nearly two years of being apart. I got to meet my baby nephew, Finn, for the first time. Last Tuesday was the best day!

After hanging out at our nana's house, Nick and I took my 2-year old nephew, Declan, and Piper down to the fair! This was the first time that I have really felt like an aunt! It was so great to just load Declan up in our truck and take him down to the fair with us!

Last week, we visited the fair 4 times! During the week, Piper took a field trip with her class down to the fair, as well, where she got to milk a goat!

Now, I can't let fair week go by without talking about the food. This year, we found a new fair-favorite! Monster cheese sticks! These monster cheese sticks are a pound of fried mozzeralla cheese!

I had two of these cheese sticks for dinner and that was more than enough! No regrets on fair food this year. We indulged quite a bit while the fair was here and now we're more than ready to get back on track this week!

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