Friday, September 20, 2019

Last Weekend's Recap with My Sister's Family

This post will wrap up the remainder of the time we spent with my sister's family last weekend, while she was in town!

On Saturday morning, my sister's family came out to watch Piper's soccer game. Since they're stationed in Japan, and they were only home for a week, it was so special to have them at Piper's game with us!

On Saturday night, we said goodbye to the kids (who stayed with Gigi) while we all went out to Round One for a fun night at the arcade!

On Sunday morning, we all went to church, which is where things got a little emotional for me. It was the first routine thing that we did since Beckah had been home, and the reality of them leaving soon-after kicked in.

On Sunday afternoon, we all gathered at my mom's house for everyone in the family to come visit with my sister's family before they had to leave. During the open-house, my sister had her friend come take pictures of our family. I look forward to sharing some of those pictures when we get those back, soon!

I am so grateful for the time we all had together last week, and I sure am going to miss them so much!

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