Monday, October 14, 2019

Busy Week Recap

Whew! It's Monday, again. Wow! Last week really flew on by for us. Here's a little recap from last week!

I worked a long day on Tuesday, 9:30 - 8:30 pm. On Wednesday evening, we had Life Group. Thursday was another long day at work, but not quite as long. Nick had worship practice that night and so as soon as I got off work, I grabbed a couple pumpkin chai lattes and visited him at practice just in time to hear them finish up the last song. Despite being so busy, I did really well with my eating all last week. Then, the weekend hit.

Friday was field trip day with Piper's class. We went to a pumpkin patch!

Later that evening, we did the pumpkin walk at the high school. They had face painting, pumpkin painting, hayrides and a wooded trail filled with pumpkins carved by the students/teachers throughout the school! We had a fun family evening on Friday night!

Saturday was a much slower day. We went to the YMCA in the morning, where Nick and I got to work out together while Piper played with other kids in childwatch. Then, we went grocery shopping and later we got together with my mom, step-dad and little brother for a family photo session! After the photo session was done, the photographer let all of her dogs out of the house and we all made sure they got some petting.

After getting family photos done, we carved pumpkins at my moms house!

Sunday was very busy, as usual. We had church all morning and then went to a gender reveal party in the afternoon. I made sure to get a walk in whenever we all got home that evening. I've been trying to fit in some time for self-care, especially when the days are busy. It's hard to do sometimes but it has been really helping to fill my bucket when I feel drained.

This morning I am up on the scale but, it's not a surprise. Instead of having one "rest day" from tracking calories, I took the entire weekend off. I weighed in at 230.1 lbs. this morning. I am hoping that by jumping up a bit on the scale, I can drop down below my plateau weight of 228 lbs. by next week!

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