Friday, November 15, 2019

Weekly Meal Planning Tips

Happy Friday, everyone! This week was a little difficult but overall it was good. I didn't stay track my nutrition as well as I should have, and definitely went over calories a few nights. It wasn't expected and, sometimes that happens. It's Friday now and, instead of waiting until Monday to get back on track, I am getting back on track today.

While Piper is at preschool this morning, I am making a meal plan for next week and grocery list for this weekend. Whenever I make a meal plan for the week ahead, I take into consideration a few different things: 

Weekly Meal Planning Tips:
Calendar: I always check my planner for the week ahead so I can plan to make a meal that takes the appropriate prep time given my schedule.
Themes: I've come up with a weekly dinner theme for our family that seems to suit our needs based around our typical calendar. 
  • Monday -  Fish/Light Meal
  • Tuesday - Tacos/Burgers/Leftovers (Nick cooks)
  • Wednesday - Large Meal/Crockpot/Casserole
  • Thursday - Leftovers/Salad/Date Night
  • Friday - Homemade Pizza/Air Fryer Meals
  • Saturday - New Recipe/Soup/OTE (out to eat)
  • Sunday - Crockpot Meal/Soup
Leftovers: I try to take inventory of what we have left over from this past week that we could incorporate into meals for the following week. This helps us to limit our waste and also save money.
Weather: More so in the summer, I would go as far as checking the weather for each day so I knew whether or not it would be grilling weather, soup weather, etc.
Given all of these tips, here's the actual meal plan I came up with for the week ahead:
  • Tonight: Homemade Pizza
  • Saturday: OTE - Holiday Party
  • Sunday: Homemade Zuppa Toscana
  • Monday: Salmon + Broccoli + Rice
  • Tuesday: Taco Night
  • Wednesday: BBQ Pulled Pork + Mixed Veggies + Tots
  • Thursday: Pulled Pork Salads (using leftovers)
  • Friday: Homemade Pizza + Cauliflower Wings
Now, from that list of dinner plans, I will begin making my grocery list for the week! I like to have my grocery list done on Friday so we can grocery shop on Saturday. 

Since we finally got some snow this past week or so, we will be dropping off our car at the dealership tonight so that our snow tires can get put on first thing in the morning. We'll swap vehicles in the morning, leaving Nick at the dealership to wait for the other vehicle to get snow tires on while Piper and I go grocery shopping.

Planning ahead really helps us to stay on track! I hope these tips were helpful for you, too. Please share any additional tips you may use in the comments, below!

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