Friday, December 27, 2019

Final Days of 2019

Happy Friday! I can't believe the new year will be here in 5 days! I do hope to re-prioritize blogging in the new year. This year, my intentions were to blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week but, as you know, that hasn't been happening.

Since we're on Christmas break, I am hoping to get out as many blogs before the new year (dare I say daily?) and then resume my intended schedule of posting blogs three times per week.

I am going to be tracking my daily nutrition intake, water intake and working out (likely treadmill at the gym) three times before the new year. I am carrying about 5 extra pounds from the holiday and I hope to drop as much of that as I can before the new year! I want to end the year with a total of 20 lbs lost.

More importantly, I want to end the year as healthy as possible.

Stay tuned for a Christmas recap, soon!

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