Friday, January 31, 2020

Getting Back on Track (after our third miscarriage)

Before the holidays, and our recent miscarriage, I was super excited to be at my lowest weight in the history of my weight-loss journey. For reference, my highest weight was 270 lbs and, this past Fall I was able to get down to 222 lbs. I felt so much healthier physically and, I want to get that feeling back!

Between the holidays and surviving our third miscarriage, I am back up to 230 lbs. I'd like to make a goal for February, to get back down to my lowest weight and, then some. I'm going to shoot for a 10 lb. loss in February!

In order to reach that goal, I am going to have a set of mini-goals that I'll be focusing on.
  1. Schedule a self-care activity weekly
  2. Drink 80 - 120 oz. of water each day
  3. Begin blogging 3 times each week again, for accountability
  4. Go to the gym or spend 30 minutes being active 2 - 3 times each week
  5. Stick within my personalized nutritional ranges 6 out of 7 days each week
If you'll notice, in my mini goals, I have given myself some area of grace. I've been trying not to be too strict with myself because lately I have felt that "all or nothing" mentality starting to creep back in. I am really needing to remind myself of the basics of living a healthy lifestyle.

My back-to-basic reminders for living a healthy lifestyle include:
  1. Consistency, not perfection
  2. Moderation, not deprivation
  3. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps

February, I'm ready for you!

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