Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year!! I had the best of intentions to blog more during Christmas break but, something came up that I'll be able to talk more about soon.

I do still hope to make blogging more of a priority this year. In order to do that, I think I need to build in a better rhythm for it. I use to try to wake up before Piper in the mornings to write. That might be the rhythm I need to reincorporate, so I have more dedicated time to process my thoughts.

This year, I am not making any big bold resolutions. If anything, I am just hoping to stay more in the moment this year. God gave me the words "Be Still" last summer, which is a hard practice for me. I am going to continue working on this in 2020. Monthly, if not weekly, retreats where I spend hours alone in the presence of God will be a big priority for this year.

I learned a lot about myself in 2019 and I would like to continue to build on my self-awareness in 2020. I began going to therapy after my miscarriage last summer, and I plan to continue therapy this year. I also took the enneagram test toward the end of 2019, revealing that I am a Type 6 - Loyalist. All of this self-awareness has helped me to better understand the way that I process things and has helped me to be more healthy-minded.

I am looking forward to starting 2020 on a healthy note. Contrary to the title of my blog, I don't only have a goal of losing weight while living life. I have a goal of being healthy so I can live my best life for God's glory, for myself, for my family and friends.

So, cheers to the new year! It's going to be a great one!

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