Monday, March 16, 2020

March is Looking Different, Now

Hey, everyone! March is looking different for a lot of us.

Piper is off school for the next two weeks, and Nick is day-by-day on whether or not he has work. Nick had work initially today but, it looks like he will be coming home early. It is also looking like there won't be work tomorrow. My work with the church will continue, but I am grateful to say that we're welcome to work from home, and we'll also be working in some new creative ways.

When news of COVID-19 began amping up last week, I have to admit I was getting very annoyed. I thought people were overreacting, and wished they would just stop talking about it. 

There I was, wondering why everyone was acting out of fear (panic-buying food, non-stop talk about the virus, etc.) while also thinking that I wasn't acting out of fear by "not wanting to talk about it". After some time, and becoming better informed, I realized that in some instances people weren't overreacting at all. Something needed done. We needed to talk about it. I also realized that my initial reaction (avoiding the topic) was also rooted in fear, which gave me more to pray about.

Now that March is looking different, I am hoping to dedicate some more time to blogging and will be spending some time outside each day - no matter how cold it is. This is how I am practicing self-care. My brain seems to be in "high processing mode", which is exhausting. Getting out for a walk each day has been helping calm my mind, and gives me more intentional time for prayer.

What's one way that you're practicing self-care today?

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