Saturday, March 21, 2020

Self-Isolating during COVID-19 Outbreak

We are about a week in to self-isolating as a family (funny how that is now a positive thing) and so I wanted to fill you in on how we've been spending some of our days.

I don't think I can stress this enough - I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to continue working from home during this time! Last week, I continued with my schedule of working on Tuesdays and Thursdays (from home). My husband had a few hours of work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which worked out very well for our family.

I know that with the kids being out of school, some people are wondering what to do. We weren't quite sure right away either but, I think what we did last week worked out really well for Piper and our family.

Mon: Mommy & Piper Day (Morning homeschool; Afternoon movie/free play; Evening family time)
Tues: Daddy & Piper Day (St. Patrick's Day! Arts and crafts, games, movies and free play)
Wed: Mommy & Piper Day (Morning homeschool; Afternoon movie/free play; Evening family time)
Thurs: Daddy & Piper Day (Arts and crafts, games, movies and free play)
Fri: Mommy & Piper Day (Unscheduled mix of a little bit of everything)

If that plan looks simple, it's because it is. While I love structure and plans, I also value simplicity. Last week kind of fell together in this way, and so we went with it! This next week is going to look different. We just found out that Nick will be out of work for a while which means every day is family day! :)

Besides having the opportunity to be able to work from home and more family time, here are a few other things I am really grateful for right now:

- Living life at a slower pace
- Running water, shelter, food (basic essentials)
- More time for Nick to get projects done around the house
- More time for prayer, reflection, bible study
- More intentional conversations with friends
- The opportunity to help others in new ways
- Warmer days are coming and we already got to enjoy some last week

During our time outside almost every day last week, we saw others from a distance. We've passed by people who were fishing, walking and riding their bikes. Before all of this, when things were busier, we might have merely managed a smile in passing. This past week, I have noticed more intentionality. I jump at any opportunity to wave at others, say "hi", and engage them with the thought in mind that this might their only face-to-face contact today. 

This is one thing I hope sticks around after all of this is over. I hope we never take for granted the opportunity to be in community with others.

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