Monday, March 2, 2020

Weight-Loss Update {March 2020}

Coming on to the blog today to share a little more of an update about my weight-loss journey so far this year. Obviously, this year didn't start off the way I had planned. 

We started out the new year pregnant! Then, we suffered another early term pregnancy loss.

These past couple months have been another teaching in how to balance grief and joy in life. Some days I feel like I balance it well, while other days are a battle to keep my head above water. 

In all that has happened, I'm up 10 lbs. from my lowest weight. I've been maintaining somewhere around 230 lbs. I'd really like to get back to where I was before this most recent pregnancy loss, and hopefully that is something I can achieve this month.


There are a few blog posts that I feel like I still "owe you" and, those will come eventually. I am not sure how often I'll be blogging this month but, I hope to start focusing more on my self-care, again. I know that when I do, everything else seems to fall in place.

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