Wednesday, May 6, 2020

First Trimester: Week 3 - 8 | Baby #2

I am 9 weeks pregnant today! I woke up feeling a little more "normal" today! I had a couple days with some intense morning (all day) sickness/dizziness this past weekend. The fatigue really wiped me out, too. Yesterday and today, however, have been much better days! Praising God for every day!

I have been trying to keep track of my pregnancy symptoms ever since the pregnancy test turned positive on March 26th. I was only 3 weeks and 1 day pregnant at the time! I knew in my heart this baby was strong from the very beginning.

Week 3:
- Extra tired (by 6pm each night)
- Early bedtimes (around 8pm)
- Hardening feeling in uterus (3/25)
- Face randomly feeling warm/flushed
- Slight cramping
- Sense of smell increasing

Week 4:
- Cramping
- Very tired and emotional in the evenings
- Bedtime routinely around 6pm
- Lots of blood work
- HCG was rising appropriately

Week 5:
- Morning sickness began! Nausea and light heartburn. (never been so happy to be sick!)
- Bedtime still between 6 - 7pm
- Mood swings in full force
- Cramping was dwindling
- Light spotting but emergency sono showed all was well and the heartbeat (100bpm)
- Cravings began! Craving salty food, hot fudge sundaes (never really cared for them before), voodoo chips and cheeseburgers (Nick went to my moms at 9pm one night to pick up ground beef and grilled a cheeseburger for me. Craving satisfied!)

Week 6:
- Very tired in the afternoons, naps help
- Bedtime still between 6 - 8pm
- Extra emotional in the evenings
- Cramping no longer happening
- Nauseous if I don't eat every 2-3 hours
- Aversion to chicken wings (a previous favorite of mine)
- Craving: red meat, salt and ice cream/sweets

Week 7:
- Bedtime between 7 - 8pm
- Morning sickness is getting stronger/lasting most of the day
- We had another sonogram and saw the heartbeat (163 bpm)
- We told Piper the news! She checks on the baby daily and prays for it's health and strength!
- Hungry for dinner at 3pm most days
- Experiencing more aversions than cravings this week
- Craving: Arby's beef and cheddar sandwich
- Strong aversion to chicken

Week 8:
- Bedtime stretching to 7 - 9pm most nights now
- Evening mood swings are still happening
- Starting to have more aversions to foods/meats but finding that it's not bad once I take a bite
- Morning (all day) sickness / fatigue / dizziness was strong for a few days this week
- Also had a few days this week where I didn't feel sick much at all and it was great
- Craving: peanut butter toast, scrambled eggs, pretzel salad

I'll post another update like this once around 14 weeks! Until then, keep an eye out for different updates along the way. We are so grateful to be on this journey with Baby #2!

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  1. Im still praying for you and the little one!!! And thanks for the updates! I sadly enough never had the opportunity to have a child (always wanted to though) so I plan on living vicariously through your posts!!! :-)