Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Second Trimester: Weeks 19 - 23 | Baby #2

With the end of summer and the ramping up of Fall, I have fallen a little behind on my pregnancy updates! Today, I'll be sharing a recap from weeks 19 - 23!

Week 19:
- Baby kicks are getting stronger this week
- Getting super excited to find out the gender next week!
- Making more progress on the nursery!

Week 20
- Nick was able to attend my 20 week sonogram!
- We found out the baby is a GIRL!
- We had a joyful week, sharing the news with family and friends!

Week 21:
- Starting to feel the baby grow larger
- Loving the soft little baby kicks
- Still able to get a decent amount of sleep without issues

Week 22:
- Aches and pains begin (especially in the pelvis)
- Feeling and looking noticeably bigger

Week 23:
- Aches and pains continue but thankfully only feeling them more-so in the evenings
- Baby is very active at night and around 4am
- Grateful to still be getting a decent amount of sleep at night!

The second trimester was such an amazing season for us! I'll be posting the final update for my second trimester in just a couple days!

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