Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Third Trimester: Weeks 28 - 31 | Baby #2

Things are starting to get real over here! I am 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I am feeling a big mix of excitement, gratitude, anxiety and love!

Every Friday from here on out, I will be having weekly sonograms and non-stress tests at my OBGYN's office. I am so grateful Baby D will be so closely monitored and just a little anxious about passing all of the tests coming my way. I will continue to be tested for preeclampsia each week, so please send all the prayers against that diagnosis!

It's time for another pregnancy recap and for this one we are going all the way back to Week 28!

Week 28:

  • Doctor couldn't find the heartbeat by doppler so I got a sonogram 
  • All is well with baby! 
  • Celebrated 11 years married with a romantic anniversary date in the woods 
  • Lots of bloodwork this week 
  • Got my hair done :)

Week 29:
  • 3 hour glucose test wrecked me
  • Intense contractions in the middle of the night on my upper right side of my torso. Assuming this happened from the fasting and dehydration from the 3 hr glucose test
  • Found out I passed my glucose test! No gestational diabetes for me!

Week 30:
  • High blood pressure at prenatal check-up
  • Tested for preeclampsia
  • Doctor upped my appointments to 2-3x/week until baby arrives (including weekly sonograms and non-stress tests)

Week 31:
  • Clear of preeclampsia so far!
  • Had a great chiropractor appointment
  • Overall feeling good this week
  • Had some maternity/Fall pictures taken
  • Carved pumpkins with the family!

Only a couple more recaps to go until baby arrives! We can't wait!!

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