Monday, January 18, 2021

Delaney at 6 Weeks

Our second daughter, baby Laney, is 6 weeks old! For some reason this 6 week mark has come as more of a shock than when we hit 1 month. I think it’s because we’re already over her first leap in development now (we use The Wonder Weeks app) and she truly has grown, both in size and personality. She just started smiling at us this past week and I believe the entire family would agree it’s the best thing in the world right now.

Since I just shared Delaney’s one month update, there isn’t too much new to share from baby world, except for her current “schedule”. We’re finally beginning to notice a rhythm in our days and nights. It’s very similar to the rhythm we found with Piper at the same age.

Feeding Schedule

(times shift forward or behind by a couple hours each day)

5:30 am

8:30 am

10:30 am

12:30 pm


5:30 pm

7:30 pm

10:30 pm

2:30 am

5:30 am

We are super blessed to have already had a few nights where Delaney has given us up to 5/6 hours of sleep. Generally though, we get around 3 - 4 hour intervals of sleep from her throughout the night. Now, it only we can get our 5 year old on the same page. Most of the time, our newborn is sleeping better than our 5 year old. Poor kiddo. Nightmares are the worst, but being a parent to these girls is the best.

As for me at 6 weeks postpartum, I am feeling pretty good! I am still breastfeeding, mostly in the form of pumping these days. Ever since Nick went back to work, I have been pumping in the mornings and evenings. Bottle feeding a mixture of breast milk and formula has been working really well for all of us!

I was excited to be officially cleared for exercise with no restrictions, however, I plan to just take it easy for a while longer. I’m not in any rush to “get back to where I was” prior to pregnancy just yet. Instead, I am going to spend the rest of this month just eating intuitively, stretching daily and trying to get a walk or two in each week when weather permits. 

Honestly, it is still sometimes hard to fit in breakfast or lunch for myself when Nick is at work and I’m juggling both kids + remote learning for Piper. There are many days when I can only manage to scarf down multiple handfuls of trail mix and call it lunch, or grab a granola bar and call it breakfast (like this morning). 

We are still in survival mode in some ways, and I’m totally embracing this season for what it is. We know all too well that it won’t be like this forever. Just ask my 5 year old who is turning 6 this week! Oh, my heart. Part of me wishes they could just stay little forever but I know God has great plans for these girls. I am so blessed and honored to be their mom.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I am pregnant with a little girl due end of June and my girls will have a similar age difference (5 years) so I love seeing your updates! I feel like I’ve forgotten everything lol!


    1. Oh, how exciting, Jen!!! Thank you for commenting and following along! If there's anything I can share that would be more helpful to you, please let me know. This particular age difference between the girls is so uniquely special. At 5 years old Piper can appreciate and understand all that's happening with Delaney joining our family - not to mention how excited she is to help with it all! Praying blessings over you and your family as you welcome your baby girl this June!