Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Delaney Jane: One Month

Delaney Jane. Laney Bear. Laneysaurus. Our baby is one month old! (Actually, she's a little over 5 weeks now.) Delaney makes us laugh with her dinosaur noises and baby squeaks. She loves car rides, warm baths and cooing at her big sister. Our hearts are full and our family feels complete with her here.

This first month with Delaney has been such a blessing! I wish I could describe the love we all have for her. Even more so, I wish you could personally witness Piper's love for her. It's such a pure, sisterly love. It's a kind of love that can't be explained easily, and it started from the very first moment Piper saw her.

Just yesterday, during an ordinary day, Piper told me "this has been the best year ever because this year we got a baby". This really took me by surprise because that means despite all of the sacrifice this year brought Piper (because of the pandemic), she still believes (at 5 years old) this is the "best year ever" because this was the year we were blessed with Delaney. She's not wrong! I just can't believe how wise Piper is already to value such a thing over all the sacrifices that we've had to make; being in isolation, remote learning from home, etc. I am so glad she understands how much of a blessing our family is to one another.

Whenever Piper hears us start talking to Delaney, she stops whatever she is doing and runs over asking, "does she have her eyes open?!" She loves to pinch her cheeks and call her pretty. She takes great pride in being a big sister. She fawns over how smart "her baby" is, and thanks God for making Delaney healthy and strong. Piper is the first person Delaney began cooing at, and Piper is still the one who can get the most coos out of her. I love watching Piper grow into her role of "big sister" every day. It's such a privilege to witness as a mother.

The first few weeks home from the hospital passed in a beautiful, sleepy blur. I remember feeling so content and complete when we first returned home from the hospital. Nick was home with us for the first three weeks, which made the transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4 quite seamless.

Due to my stair restriction, Nick and I spent the first couple weeks sleeping downstairs. I slept in a recliner because it was easiest for me as I recovered from my c-section, and Nick slept on the couch. Having the living room decorated for Christmas definitely helped keep things feeling so peaceful and relaxing, all hours of the day and night. When I would nurse Delaney (which seemed nearly constantly during the first couple weeks) I would play worship music and praise God for all He's done. I was keenly aware that those first couple weeks would fly by and so I made sure to breathe it all in and soak it up as much as I could.

Delaney had a couple weekly weight checks at the pediatrician's office until she regained her birth weight. Since we've remained isolated to protect our little ones from COVID during this season, the doctor appointments were our big adventure those first couple weeks!

Exactly one week postpartum, we had some really nice weather and so we went out for our first walk. I only walked for a short distance and then stood by the truck, enjoying the fresh air while watching Nick and Piper scoot around the parking lot. We've been blessed to have a relatively mild winter so far. We've been out for a handful of walks, now.

During Delaney's first bath we found out that she really enjoys bath time and we're so happy for that! Both of our girls love the water and their "tubby time".

Delaney is such a sweet addition to our family. We have all enjoyed this first month with her, and I think she enjoys being with us, too. 

Some of Delaney's favorite things in life are:
- bath time
- car rides
- listening to and watching her sister
- cooing (brand new skill!)
- walking around in dad's arms at 2am
- laying on moms chest anytime of day
- listening to the shower and blow dryer
- being swaddled (for the most part)

Some things that Delaney is not so fond of include:
- stopping at red lights while in the car
- the witching hour(s) in the evening
- getting dried off after bath time
- laying flat on her back
- tummy time
- gas pains

The timing of Delaney's arrival couldn't have been more perfect for us. It was so wonderful to have Nick home for the month of December, up through Christmas. We got to include Delaney in to all of our Christmas prep, including baking cookies! Having a newborn at Christmas time is a unique treasure. I couldn't stop thinking about Mary and Jesus. Advent was a little more personal for me this year with a newborn in my arms. It was truly special.

This first month has gone by fast but, I feel good in knowing that I have been fully present in these moments with my family. I know all too well how fast these seasons pass and so, I cherish the time we have with Delaney, just the way she is right now, all the more.

Here are some other photos we snapped with my phone this first month with Delaney.

I will cherish these memories, always.

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