Monday, January 11, 2021

Gratitude For The Week - 1/11/21

Our newborn turned one month old a week ago and I'm still working on the draft of that post. It should be coming out sometime soon, hopefully before she turns two months old (ha ha). 

In the meantime, I wanted to type out a quick post on what I've been grateful for lately. Gratitude is the word I chose to focus on for 2021.

This week, I am grateful for...

Multiple winter walks

The isolation that comes with having a newborn during a global pandemic has motivated us to get outside more often! Anytime it's been over 30 degrees and not windy, we've been getting outside! If we weren't so isolated, we probably would wait for better weather as evidenced from our past. However, this season of isolation has taught us that it's important to get outside in all kinds of weather. We can't just sit around waiting for blue skies and 70 degrees. Not in our area, anyway.

This past week, I went on a solo winter walk; a winter walk with my husband and the kids (so cool we can say "kids" now, plural), and; a walk where we invited the grandparents to join us outside for a bit. We still are isolated from everyone outside of our household (since the beginning of November) but, we are always up to meeting up with family outside.

Sunday self care

As a stay at home mom of a Kindergartener who is remote learning from home and a newborn, some alone time is definitely needed during the weekend when my husband is home. Sundays have been the time where I've been carving out some alone time to calendar prep, spend extra time in The Word, and do something/anything that takes care of "me" (paint my nails, take a bath, draft a blog, etc.) I'm very grateful for my husband and this time each week!

My daughter's teacher

Doing Kindergarten at home isn't easy but, it's so much easier having a supportive teacher who provides quality content and daily instruction. There was a time last summer when I contemplated homeschooling with my own curriculum of choice. I must say now that we're halfway into it, I am so happy that I went the remote learning route through our school district, instead. Piper's teacher is amazing!

Taking some time to sit down and think of three things I'm grateful for really helped lift my spirits and help readjust my focus for the week. I hope you take the time to think of some little (or big) things that you're grateful for today, too!

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