Wednesday, February 3, 2021

*FULL* Day in the Life with a Newborn + Kindergartener {while remote learning}

Hello, hello! If you're wondering what a full day in the life has been looking like around here lately, you're in for a treat. I tried to document as much of my day as possible to give you a real look into our typical weekday with a newborn and a Kindergartener. 

This season won't last long (Delaney only has one more month where she still qualifies as a "newborn") and so I want to savor and share as much of this time as I can!

(photo of me taken by my Kindergartener in the middle of our day)

Disclaimer: this post is two weeks in the making! I documented a day in our life from a couple weeks ago it's taken me this long to get all the pictures up and coordinated with the timeline. I hope you enjoy how it all came out!


Piper (6yrs) and Delaney (6wks) both wake up at the same time. My husband, Nick, is still home and getting ready for work. Piper goes downstairs with him and gets breakfast (fruit loops) while I feed, burp, and re-swaddle Delaney upstairs. (Delaney’s last feed prior to this time was at 2:30am and my sweet husband took that feeding.)


Devotional time in bed for me with Delaney sleeping nearby. She only needs picked up once during this time. I rock her a little bit more and then she's fully asleep for her nap.

Disclaimer: Delaney only sleeps this way (with props + blankets) when I’m nearby. I lay her elsewhere when I leave the room.

6:30am - 7:30am 

Nick is leaving for work at 6:30 this morning. His leave time varies by day but generally he has been trying to stay with us as long as he can during these first three months postpartum. That is such a treat for us in this season.

I take the monitor downstairs, say good morning to Piper, give her the kindle (she has to wait until 7am and gets it for an hour). I unload the dishwasher, fill bottles with water for the day’s feedings (I am weening off breastfeeding at this point), fill my water bottle, set out the crockpot for dinner (to remind myself later in the morning), get myself some coffee and breakfast (which was a granola bar because Laney was starting to stir).


I see on the monitor that Laney’s awake for the day (or so I think)! Piper and I go upstairs, we say good morning to Delaney, I pick her up and she falls back asleep in my arms. That doesn’t usually happen! I sit with Piper for a bit while she shows me her new Kindle game. Laney is still sleeping so I embrace the ability to rock her while she sleeps a little while longer before starting my upstairs tidy routine.


Laney wakes up for the day (again). I change her diaper and feed her. I do my upstairs tidy routine with both girls upstairs. I make the beds that need made, gather all the bottles from nighttime feeds, pack the basket with anything we need to take downstairs for the day (bottle warmer, water cups from overnight, etc). I help make sure Piper gets dressed, I grab my clothes for the day and we all head downstairs.

P.S. If you live in a two-story home with bedrooms upstairs, "the basket" is an amazing parent hack for making life easier, especially in this season of life.


Piper’s teacher has posted her lessons for the day. I start to review them while I pump and Laney swings beside me. (Moms are multi-tasking heroes in this way.) Piper zooms around on her scooter (we count it as gym class). I go back and forth between talking with Laney and Piper and lesson prepping for the day.


Laney is down for another nap. Piper and I begin her school day! The newborn stage has a lot of naps and it works well for this season of remote learning.


Snack time for Piper and shower time for me. 

Somedays I manage to shower before Nick leaves for work, in that case I would swap the dishwasher routine from earlier this morning to now. Delaney was still sleeping (until 10:15) and so I started curling my hair. I was going to put on make-up (for you) but Delaney woke up and so you get this no-make-up picture of me instead.


Delaney's diaper is changed and now it's time to feed her. 

After I burp her, I talk to her a bit. She is cooing and smiling back at us now which is so much fun! While she swings nearby, I prep lunch for Piper. Leftovers are everything these days! I also throw dinner in the slow cooker.


Delaney is back down for a nap and so it's time to start he second half of Piper's school day!


Delaney wakes up. Time for a diaper change. She doesn't seem hungry quite yet and so we chat a bit (cooing/smiling) while Piper and I eat lunch. Delaney eats around 12:30 and goes back down for a nap. I swap the laundry that is ever in progress these days.


Calendar time for Piper! This is the live session she has every day with her teacher and classmates. Over the course of the school year, Piper has become more independent with calendar time and so I am able to do a quick downstairs tidy routine while she meets with her class until about 1:15-1:30pm.


While Delaney is still napping, I swap and fold some laundry. I play with Piper and I fit in a little rest for myself, too. I've been on the go all day! 

This is the time of day that I start to get sleepy. Second coffee usually happens around this time. And then, before we know it...

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Delaney is awake. I give her a diaper change and feed her around 3pm. She hangs out with us for a while and then goes falls asleep for a nap in my arms around 3:30/3:45. I clean up all the school work on the table to prepare it for dinner time.


Nick gets home! I hand Delaney over to him and finish making and plating our dinner.


Eat dinner with the family while Delaney snoozes in her swing. Nick and Piper play in the living room while I clean up dinner and run the dishwasher. If I don't run the dishwasher right after dinner, it happens during our night tidy routine.


This was a special night for me because I was heading out to Target (which hadn't happened in far too long) to get party supplies for Piper's birthday (video of this coming soon on my YouTube channel)! Delaney is starting to wake up as I leave. Nick feeds her around 5:30pm.

Our "day" ends there and then the night routine begins! 

If you liked this post and would be interested in seeing more of our routines, please let me know! I sure love documenting these kinds of things to look back on, myself. 

Here are a few other photos I took throughout the day that didn't make it into the narrative, above.

We did start out the day in a different outfit for Delaney but, spit up.

There is definitely more screen time than we'd like and less outings and gatherings throughout our days but, such is life in the middle of winter, during a pandemic. We are all doing the best we can!

If you happen to be in a similar life stage as we are, I hope this type of post helps give you ideas on how to stay productive (or just plain out survive) your days at home with a newborn.

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