Saturday, February 20, 2021

VLOG: *FULL* Winter Night Routine with a Newborn + Kindergartener

This season of life when we have a newborn and a Kindergartener is quickly slipping away. Only another couple of weeks and we will no longer have a "newborn" in the house. Delaney will soon be 3 months old! Before this season passes, I wanted to document life as it is currently. Here's a look into our night routine with a newborn and a Kindergartner:

I hope you know that no night is ever truly the same in our home but we have fallen into certain rhythms. I also wanted to mention that I'd think typically you would see our Kindergartener doing homework in the evenings but since we've had the privilege of schooling her from home this year we get all of our school work done during the day! Not sure if I should say it's all "home"work in that sense or if there's no homework! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a look into our nightly rhythm in this special season of life we're in.


  1. This is so, so great! Thanks for giving us another glimpse into your lives. I love your home! Great music choices, too! You are blessed.

  2. Thank you, Lauren! This video was fun to make :) Glad you enjoyed it!