Monday, March 8, 2021

Delaney Jane: Three Months

Baby Laney is 3 months old! This update feels like it came up much quicker than the rest. Delaney is very clearly not a newborn anymore. She is trying to sit up any chance she gets. She loves to coo and giggle. She is ticklish under her chin. She is so joyful! We are incredibly blessed by her.

Delaney is not liking her day naps as much as she once was but, she sure loves to sleep at night! She will usually sleep from 9pm - 4am, and then after a bottle she goes right back to sleep until 6/7am. We can't ask for more than that! We are really hoping we all make it through the 4 month sleep regression {coming soon} with a similar schedule.

Some of Delaney's favorite things at 3 months old are:

-bath time
-car rides
-giggling at funny faces and sounds
-tickles under her chin
-watching big sister do... anything
-visiting with family
-being held and walked around in our arms
-sitting up {assisted + in her bumbo}
-standing up {assisted}

Some things Delaney is not so fond of:

-when the car isn't moving
-naps during the day
-tummy time
-laying flat on her back

This month, we got to have a few more visits with family and we got to go on a few shopping trips all together as a family. Trying to navigate having an infant during a pandemic has not been easy but, I can rest in knowing we are doing our best in balancing it all. 

Here are some pictures from this past month with Delaney!

In case you didn't already read our update about this, Delaney was sent to the ER this past month with a dangerously high fever. After a multitude of testing, we eventually found out it was a urinary tract infection. She was on an antibiotic for 10 days and recovered quickly! 

She is every bit as strong as we prayed she would be.

I almost forgot about this! We went out for our first family brunch as a family of 4! It was wonderful!

This has been such a fun month with Delaney! We know it'll just keep getting better, too!

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