Monday, March 29, 2021

Still Not Ready to Set a Weight-Loss Goal

The season I'm in is unique. It's not unique in that nobody else has ever experienced it before, as much as it's just a unique season for me.

This is a special season where I get to stay at home with my girls. I am not sure for how long I will remain at home, but it will be for a little while. I've done this before, but never with two children. Right now, I have a 6 year old and a 3 month old. This next year will be filled with rapid changes in my littlest one's development, and I get a front row seat to it, every day. This is privilege and I want to savor it!

I am very aware that I have been writing more about my family than my weight-loss journey, which may not be what some of you are here for. I want so badly to have a desire to reach new goals on the scale. Doing so was a challenge I loved dearly in the past, but it's not a challenge I am interested in during this unique season of life. I am still not ready to set any official weight-loss goal or post weekly weigh-in's. Instead, I'd like to be more focused on keeping myself and my family more healthy and happy, overall.

While I'm not ready to set a weight-loss goal right now, I am ready to start being more mindful of what I'm feeding my body {spirit and mind}. I definitely want to lose weight but, I don't want that to be the focus of this season. Not quite yet. Some women are ready to tackle that goal quicker than others after having a baby. For me, I am going to just continue working on the balancing act of taking care of this family I've been blessed with, while also working on taking care of myself. I think we'll naturally get to a good place with that focus in mind.

Thanks for sticking around and witnessing my journey. I do have some exciting things coming up, soon! Currently, I'm working on finishing a video with four recipes we've been making on rotation lately. Come back on Friday for some fresh ideas for your meal plan!


  1. I think this is so wonderful. I love reading anything on this blog that you are willing to share with us. Thank you for your honesty, your healthy attitude, and the special glimpses into your life that you share here. God bless you and your family, Kalyn!

    1. Thank you for the incredible support you've always given me, Lauren! <3 :) Blessed by your kindness!