Monday, April 19, 2021

Delaney Jane: Four Months

This update has been the first one that has been hard for me to write. I can't believe Delaney is already 4 months old (as of 2 weeks ago)! This past month has been a really fun time! My husband was home with us for most of it due to a seasonal lay-off from work. That made this month extra special. That is a lot of time that we will never get back and I'm so glad that he was here with us for it.

Delaney is growing perfectly, weighing in at 15.7lbs at her 4 month appointment. She measured 24 inches, putting her in the 34th percentile. Much different than her sister who was constantly on the high end of the charts.

Delaney turned 4 months old on Easter. This past month, she found her feet and has been playing with them anytime she can! She loves grabbing whatever is set out in front of her, too. Of course, whatever she grabs immediately goes to her mouth for further examination. She loves going on nightly stroller rides during our family walks. She almost always falls asleep for a little nap during that time. 

Speaking of naps, I kept track of an entire day in Laney's life recently. Here's a general outline of her schedule, currently.

4 month schedule (varies daily)

5:00am - wake up & feed

5:30am - back to sleep

7:00am - wake for the day

7:30am - feeding

8:45am - nap

9:45am - wake

10:30am - feeding

11:30am - nap

1:30pm - wake

1:45pm - feeding

3:00pm - nap

3:30pm - wake

4:45pm - feeding

6:00pm - nap during our family walk (sometimes this nap doesn't happen & bedtime happens earlier instead)

7:00pm - wake

7:30pm - feeding

8:00pm - sleep for the night

Delaney is such a good sleeper so far! She usually sleeps most of the night, only waking in the middle of the night a few times a week otherwise she will go as long as 4/5am.

When Laney is excited, she does a little penguin dance, as we call it, where she flaps her arms at her sides and wiggles with excitement! We love watching her little personality develop with each passing month! She is such a sweet, happy baby!

Here are some pictures from the past month with Delaney Jane.

Delaney helps make our family feel complete. We're already wondering how we lived without her in our lives.

We love watching her grow!

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  1. These photos are so wonderful!!! Blessings to you and your beautiful family.