Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Lunch Lately

I don’t know about you, but lunch is one of the most trickiest meals to plan and serve in this house. This week, I am trying to keep my lunch healthy and easy! Between remote learning with my kindergartner and managing a household with a 4 month old, lunch needs to be quick! 

On Sunday, I meal prepped cooked quinoa and ground turkey in separate containers. I’m going to try to switch up the way I use those two main ingredients for my lunches this week! So far, I’ve use it two ways.

On Monday, I made a quinoa and turkey bowl with Caribbean jerk, sour cream, and spinach.

Today, I made my quinoa and turkey bowl with lemon, a dollop of cilantro lime hummus, and spinach.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking of going Mexican with sour cream, salsa, and spinach! So far, meal prepping two main ingredients for lunch and then mixing it up a bit has been fun, healthy, and delicious!

For those of you interested in what to do for kids lunch, my 6 year old has been loving “snack plates” lately. Today, Piper had tomatoes, cucumbers, buffalo chicken lunch meat, provolone, pretzels and animal crackers for dessert!

What do you think about starting with two main ingredients and mixing up lunch as you go? What two ingredients should I try for my lunches next week?

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