Monday, May 31, 2021

Date Night + Getting Back on Track in June

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! We had reunions of many kinds this weekend as we gathered with friends and family to celebrate the holiday. It was so nice to be with everyone, again.

Out of everything, my personal highlight of the weekend was a date night out with my husband! For anyone who is new to the blog, we had our second baby in December and since then we've only been out on two official date nights. Now that Delaney is almost 6 months old and since the state of the world is a little different these days (less COVID restrictions) we are hoping to get out on more date nights this summer!

On Saturday, we got the kids down for bed just before 8pm. My mom came over to watch the monitor while my husband and I went out. On our way out, we saw the most amazing rainbow and we had to pull over to take a picture. We also caught an incredible sunset at the lake before heading out for a late dinner. Those were some amazing date night views to remember!

In some ways, date nights are more special now than ever before. Our hearts and hands have never been more full and we're so grateful for this season in our lives.

Like many people, we indulged in some good food and drinks this past weekend. I'm more than ready to get back on track in the week ahead. Tomorrow is the first day of June! I'm not going to set a specific weight-loss goal for this month but, I am going to work toward eating healthier and moving my body more! My big goal of the day tomorrow is to drink a lot of water to wash out the extra water-weight I'm holding onto from the weekend. I'm going to weigh-in at the end of the week and go from there.

As for the week ahead, it is looking real fun and real busy with two nights of tball, a life group meeting with friends, and wrapping up our final days of remote Kindergarten before summer break! More updates to come on that end, soon! Make it a great week, everyone!

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