Monday, May 3, 2021

Goal of Losing 10lbs in May

Hey, friends! Thanks for stopping by today. Today's post is a big deal for me and it really shouldn't be read before reading the post I shared on Friday. So, if you have a minute, please click on this link to read the prologue to today's post: My First Postpartum Weigh-in for Weight Loss.

If you read the title of today's post, you know that I have a goal of losing 10lbs in May! However, I don't want to create a cookie cutter belief that losing 10 pounds in a month is "healthy" as much as I know my own body and what it's capable of doing at this weight. I personally know that if I stick to my nutrition, water and activity goals, I can lose 10 pounds in a month (again, at this weight). 

It is important to know that I am also creating some wiggle room for this goal in my mind. To be completely honest, my main weight-loss goal for the month is to just lose weight in general, so any loss will be a win in my book!


Here's a little overview of what I'll be working on this month to reach my goal of losing 10lbs.

Action Steps:
* Track nutrition daily
* Drink 80-120 oz of water daily

* Daily check-ins with myself
* Weekly weigh-ins & blog posts

Overall health:
* Take vitamins daily
* Self care daily (walk outside, journal, etc.)

Something I've found helpful in the course of my weight-loss journey is to share my goal with others, and the steps I plan on taking to get there. If you have a goal for yourself in May please feel free to share your goal in a comment below and know that I'll be cheering you on!

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