Friday, June 18, 2021

Goodbye Sparkpeople...

Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks for stopping by today! I am feeling a little nostalgic this morning. I recently found out the platform I've been using to help with my weight-loss for nearly 12 years is closing down in August. 

Sparkpeople is the platform I've been using for over a decade to help me keep track of my nutrition. The Sparkpeople platform was also the place where I discovered my love for blogging! 

My SparkPage is like a time capsule! I just went down memory lane and started reading old blogs of mine from 2009-2014. It's kind of funny to look back on those posts. I was in my early 20's, with so much to learn! I learned a lot through Sparkpeople and that community. I haven't read into Sparkpeople's statement enough to know if my personal page will go away with the platform. I'll have to go through and snag some of the old pictures from the posts just in case!

Curious - is anyone here from the old Sparkpeople days? 
Also, what platform do you use to track your nutrition?

As for tracking my nutrition, I have been doing an okay job but not great by any means! I have only had a few days of sticking within my nutritional ranges this week. I am hoping a good grocery restock this weekend will help to get me back on track!

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