Wednesday, June 9, 2021

June Goals & What I Eat in a Day

Hey, everyone! I'm not sure about you but we are already midway through week one of summer vacation over here! We plan on taking this first week nice and easy as we transition into "summer break mode". Our calendar is already pretty full between life group and back-to-back tball games each week. We also plan to sprinkle in a few Zoo trips and Waldameer trips here or there throughout the month of June! It's going to be a fun month!

This month, I am not working toward any specific weight-loss goal. With that said, I am still focusing on my daily nutrition and activity goals in effort to lose weight, I just don't have a specific number in mind. I want to see what my 6 month postartum body wants to do with the healthy choices I make this month. 

I've been sharing all of the meals and snacks I've been eating lately on my Instagram and Facebook Stories. I've been doing this for just a couple days and it's been a good source of accountability for me. I am not sure if I'll do it every day this month but, I am going to try to do it as often as I can! 

Here's a little peak into some of what I've been sharing on my stories so far:

- You can follow along with me on Facebook, here:

- You can also follow along on IG, here:

As for my activity this month, I am still working along on the couch to 5k program. Honestly, the name of the program is a little deceiving as far as my goal for starting the program. I don't really have any intention of completing another 5K. I've done a couple before (this one and this one) and I don't really want to do another race as much as I just want to get more comfortable running again. I've used this program before and I know it works as far as increasing endurance and speed! If I come out of the program running for 5 minutes or more at a time and if I also shave a couple minutes off my (currently very slow) mile, I'll be happy with that!

A few other things I'm doing to live a healthier more balanced life this month includes drinking 80-120 oz/water daily; reading my new summer devotional series; taking my vitamins, and; giving myself a lot of grace along the way!

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