Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Six Months Postpartum Update

Hey, everyone! If you’re new here, this blog post is a decent place to start! I’m Kalyn, wife and mother of two beautiful girls (Piper: 6 years and Delaney: 6 months). I am currently 6 months postpartum and I wanted to share a little update about how I'm doing lately.

6 months postpartum. Wow. That happened really fast! Here's an overview of how I'm doing lately.

C-Section Healing:

My csection scar is barely noticeable at this point and as far as mobility goes, I am feeling even better at this stage than the first time around with my daughter Piper, 6 years ago. From what I remember in my drug-induced haze shortly after my c-section, the doctor said she had removed some old scar tissue adhesion from my first c-section that was pulling various muscle groups together. She said now that it was removed, I should feel much better in recovery this time around. She sure was right! I guess I didn't realize how limited my core was after my first c-section. I am feeling really great this time around! My only complaint is stiffness in my back and hips occasionally. They get really stiff after sitting for a long period of time. It's something I'm working on with my chiropractor!

Physical Activity

Physically, I'm excited to be running again! While I was 6 months postpartum with my first daughter, Piper, I wrote a post about getting back into running, here: I Feel Like Me Again. I think it's funny that I am in a similar stage and mentality with running 6 months after having my second daughter, too. Running is such a healthy outlet for me! Back then, I wrote "running hurts and running heals". I feel that so much right now!


I am seeing the same trend as I did with my first daughter as far as my weight goes. I lost all of my baby weight really fast, within two weeks after birth I was back down to my "pre-baby weight" and then, after I stopped breastfeeding (2 months postpartum this time around), my weight came back! 

The reason here is two-fold: it's hormonal and it's bad coping habits. My body is still trying to find it's new normal hormonally and, I am not helping it much by eating poorly most of the time. There are days when I do great with my nutrition, and then there are many days in a row when I order out food or have basically another meal worth of snacks way too late at night. I have been eating when I'm tired again. It's something I am trying to work on while also trying not to give myself a hard time about because this is a unique and sometimes hard season, and it doesn't last long.

My pre-pregnancy weight was around 230 lbs. My pregnancy weight was around 255 lbs. I'm currently living in the middle, around 240 lbs.

Although I am still very overweight, I am finding that I am not feeling so bad about it in this season. At 6 months postpartum, I do technically have my body back to myself but, I am still sharing it with my baby quite a bit. She loves to nestle in to my big pillowy arms, and jump up and down on my chubby belly. This body of mine is providing a special kind of comfort to my baby in these days - how could I be upset about that? One day, she won't need my big comfy arms to rest on. I feel grateful that my body is still such a comfortable place for my baby to rest and play.

Mentally + Emotionally:

While I don't think I blogged about this much, I did suffer with postpartum anxiety and depression occasionally throughout my first year postpartum, 6 years ago. This time around, I have had far less postpartum anxiety and thankfully there has been no real sign of postpartum depression, yet. With that being said, I have had some sad days, which is to be expected, especially when grieving so many different things taken away by COVID this past year. I think being more self aware and often checking in with myself and others has been helping!

Most exciting and most importantly, this time around I have been feeling less like I lost a part of myself in this postpartum stage and more like I’ve found exactly who I’m suppose to be! I am stronger in my faith this time around, which I believe definitely helps that feeling of contentment in this season of life. 

God has been and always will be so faithful and good. I am beyond grateful He has entrusted me with this calling of "mom" and for all the ways He has stretched and grown me through it.

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