Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A Week to Adjust to Summer School

My 6 year old, Piper, started her summer program at the school on Monday and it is going really well so far! This summer program is not technically "summer school". It's more of a program with STEM activities to help the kids to keep their skills learned from last school year. 

While we have been missing Piper at home, Delaney and I have been getting some great one-on-one time during the day! 

When Delaney naps, I have also been enjoying knocking out some items on my to-do list around the house. The first day Piper was at school, I deep cleaned her bedroom and the entire upstairs. I haven't been able to be this productive since before Delaney was born! 

I felt so accomplished after deep cleaning the upstairs and yet, I also felt like I needed to take pause because I know God doesn't have me at home just to strive for a clean and tidy house. I know He has more for me here, and so I made sure to take a good 40 minutes during Delaney's first nap yesterday to pray and study His Word. This was another thing I hadn't been able to do for that amount of time in far too long.

This first week of the program will be a time for us all to adjust to our new normal. Once I feel as if we're settling into our new routine, I will share that with you all!

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