Monday, July 26, 2021

Balance = Losing Weight While Living Life

Are you ready to start a new week? I sure am! Last week was all sorts of wonderful mixed with difficult. My husband was working an off shift where he'd go in to work at 6pm and wouldn't get home until after 2am some nights. We were all thrown out of whack with our sleep and routine. I am excited to get back to a normal routine this week!

While the nights without my husband home were difficult, the days with him at home were wonderful! Piper is still going to her summer program at the school and so after she'd get on the bus, Nick and I (+baby) would go out almost every day last week. We went out to eat a few times, and I am very proud of myself for sticking within moderation and making smart choices around the indulgences of the moment. 

One of my favorite outings last week was when we went out to a Bagel Shop for coffee and scones at a new (to us) location. Afterward, we did some antiquing and then we strolled around the lake. Those were the moments that made him working the off-shift seem not so bad at all. It was quite wonderful in those moments, actually.

While out at the Bagel Shop, I was planning to indulge in a specialty coffee that was likely going to be calorie-heavy. However, when I got up to the pastry case I saw the most delicious looking blueberry scones. I decided in that moment I could indulge myself but I should only choose one thing to indulge in, for the sake of balance. Was it going to be the specialty drink or the scone? I ended up picking the scone and a blueberry coffee which ended up being very little calories and paired very well with my blueberry scone!

This is just another instance where keeping the mindset of "balance" has allowed me to continue on my journey of losing weight while living life!

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