Monday, August 9, 2021

Life & Weight-Loss Update - Aug. Week 1

Hello, and happy Monday! It's been a few days since I've caught up with you. Toward the end of last week, Piper started feeling better from her stomach bug and we were able to have a fun weekend with family and friends!

While having a sick kid at home last week, I was struggling with some anxiety. I was anxious because Piper was sick and I was anxious about the possibility of Delaney catching it. I know from experience just how hard it is to keep a baby hydrated during such a thing. Thankfully, our prayers were answered and Delaney never caught the stomach bug that Piper had!

I was proud of myself for not caving in to emotional eating last week, as I've been known to do in the past. I stuck to my health and wellness goals, including my goal of getting outside for a few hours each day, which really helped keep me grounded during a difficult time. I am happy to share that I lost 2 pounds in the first week of August, bringing my total loss to -9lbs since July 5th!

I don't want you to read that last paragraph and think that I stuck to my nutritional goals perfectly, because I didn't. My main nutritional goal is to stick within a certain amount of calories each day. I did have a day or two where either I wasn't fully tracking my intake or I went over calories. Despite that, I still saw a loss on the scale because of the 80/20 rule. 

This journey can't be an all-or-nothing thing for me. I will have meals or days where I go "over". When that happens, I allow myself to fully enjoy those moments (read: no guilt!) but then I get right back on track!

Let's treat ourselves to a good week of putting our health way up on our priority list no matter what comes our way. Make it a great day, everyone!

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