Monday, September 13, 2021

15lbs Down in 10 Weeks

Hello and happy Monday, everyone! After two weeks with no weight-loss to report, I finally have a loss to share and it’s an exciting one for me!

I lost 3 pounds last week, bringing my total weight-loss amount to 15 pounds in 10 weeks! I feel lighter and I am excited to keep going. I want to free my body of this excess weight and increase my state of health overall.

With all that said, tomorrow starts our favorite local Fair Week! I’m going to be realistic (because that’s important in any weight-loss journey) and in knowing it’s Fair Week, I am not expecting a loss on the scale. I am, however, hoping to at least maintain my weight-loss by practicing as close to an 80/20 balance as I can while eating all of our favorite Fair foods! 

What kind of Fair food you may be wondering? I’m planning on making room for monster cheese, a gyro and maybe a slice of pizza as big as my face. Not all on the same night, of course. I’ll report back on all of that later this week.

In order to try to maintain some sort of balance, I am going to hyper-focus in on my water intake (because I know my food intake is going to be highly indulgent) and I am going to give myself a 10,000 step goal for the days when we go to the Fair for dinner/treats. That shouldn’t be too hard since there is a lot of walking being done down at the Fair!

For the (few) nights when we won’t be eating dinner at the fair, I made sure to prep two big batch soups. I usually use Fair Week as an excuse to not cook dinner at all, but I think having these soups on hand will make eating at home a lot easier on those nights when we are just going down for a dessert.

I loved hearing about your personal goals in the comments last week. Since it’s the start of a new week, how are you planning on keeping balance for yourself? Cheering you all on! Your goals are worth prioritizing!

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