Wednesday, September 1, 2021

We Have a FIRST Grader!

Piper has returned to school as a First Grader this week!

On her first day of school, Piper was excited, nervous and brave! She wanted to take the school bus, even though she knew it would be filled with kids she might not know. I got a report from one of my friends who works at the school when she saw Piper get off the bus and walk straight to her classroom. Then, later I got a report that she saw Piper being brave and good in the lunch room. It was so nice to get those little updates because Piper wasn't the only one who was nervous for her first day.

When Piper came home, she was met by her dad and I with a little bouquet of flowers. We were all happy to have her back home. We shared some of the best hugs! We talked about her school day and went through all of the fun coloring papers she completed at school. She didn't know anyone on the bus or at her lunch table but she said she made new friends from both places. She had a good first day and we all were able to breath lighter that evening.

On her second day of school, Piper seemed like she grew older overnight. She wasn't as nervous, and she seemed to have gained a certain kind of confidence that you can only gain by practicing independence. My heart is so proud of her. 

We are praying for all of the kids, teachers, staff and families to have a healthy and safe time together this school year.

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