Thursday, October 21, 2021

Our Family Had COVID

Hey! It's been a while since I've updated this blog. If you follow me on Instagram (@goaloflosing100) then you already know where I've been. Our entire family came down with COVID-19 a couple weeks ago and it took us a little while to recover. Thankfully, we all pretty much recovered in the first week of quarantine. Due to having different symptom timelines, I was released from quarantine earlier than the rest of the family, who will all be released by the end of the week!

Aside from working to get better in the beginning, I was also kept busy with facilitating school at home during Piper's quarantine period. Tomorrow she goes back to school for the first time in two weeks and she is so excited!

When I was sick, I was curious to hear about the symptom timelines of others, even though we know COVID affects everyone so differently. For me, it all started on a Thursday. I had a headache all day and that was it. I didn't think anything of it, because, why would I? On Friday, I had a little congestion which made perfect sense with the weather change. It felt like seasonal allergies. I went to an outside gathering with a small group of friends that evening. I've been checking in with them and thankfully none of them got sick! On Saturday, my sinuses were completely stuffed. For me this confirmed that it was allergies/sinus issues, that is, until Saturday night. 

On Saturday night, I spiked a low grade fever, suffered some body aches and chills. That was a dreadful night. Still, I didn't think it could be COVID because my lungs were clear and having no issues. I figured it was a sinus infection at that point. On Sunday, I still had congestion, I was really achy and exhausted. Later on Sunday night, my sense of smell randomly went away. At that point, I realized this was probably COVID. I got a rapid test the next morning which is when everything finally hit my lungs, and the test turned positive within a minute. That afternoon, my husband got tested because he was also dealing with a slight headache. He was also positive.

As for the kids, the virus didn't seem to affect them as much. Prior to me even getting sick, Piper had been coughing in the morning when she woke up (which is typical with the change of weather here) and then sneezing a few times throughout the day. She didn't ever feel sick, and she certainly didn't lack any energy! Despite never feeling sick, Piper also tested positive. As for Delaney, we never got her tested. She was presumed positive because we were all positive and she did have one day and night where she was clearly congested and unusually fussy. One day and night! That was it! It was all very scary at the time because we didn't know what was going to happen. We are so thankful the kids were barely affected by the virus.

Out of all of us, we were surprised that my husband got hit with COVID the hardest. The day after he tested positive he was struggling to keep his o2 level above 93-89 for the better part of a day. At that point, the virus wasn't even really affecting his lungs that he could tell. He was just really tired and battling a headache at the time. We think for him the virus was complicated a bit by a severe poison ivy rash he had also been battling at the same time.

Praise be to God we have all been better since the weekend! We have been enjoying our quarantine time together, and even got a couple projects done around the house that we had the materials for already, we were just waiting for the time.

Our experience with COVID made me grateful for so many things. I am grateful we were vaccinated - I know things could have been a lot worse for us. I am grateful for our family and friends, especially my mom who arranged a meal train to help keep us fed during those days when both Nick and I were feeling sick. I am grateful for our health and for everyone who was praying for us. I have also become grateful for some of the more "little" things, like being able to all sit at the table for dinner together. There were some days where there was at least one of us missing from the table because we were sick. The first evening when we all sat at the table together again after being sick for a few days made me feel super grateful for the times now when we can be together. In retrospect, I am also grateful for my sense of smell and taste. I do hope those come back soon! :)

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