Sunday, November 28, 2021

Delaney Jane: Eleven Months

This is it. The last monthly update before my last baby turns one. If I'm being honest, this one is the most bittersweet of them all.

Delaney is growing so quickly! She started walking at 11 months and she's so proud of herself when she does. We are pretty proud of her, too!

She has 5 teeth right now and we're guessing her 6th tooth will break through before she's officially twelve months old. She points at the light when we say "light" and points to the dogs when we say "dog". We haven't gotten to repeating those words yet. She currently says "dada", "mama" (sparingly) and "dis" for "this" (and everything is "this"). Her voice is so sweet to hear.

Delaney just recently went through a nap transition. Up until 11 months old, she taking two shorter naps but has lately been taking one long nap, usually from 9:30-12:30. Here is what her schedule has looked like since daylight savings time.

6:30am - wake up
7:00am - bottle
8:00am - breakfast
9:30am - nap
12:30pm - wake up
12:45pm - bottle
1:00pm - lunch
4:00pm - bottle
5:00pm - dinner
6:00pm - bath
6:30pm -bottle
7:00pm - bedtime

She still wakes up 1 - 2 times each night.

Here are some more recent pictures of Laney.

Delaney Jane, we are so grateful for you. We have loved getting to know you all of these months. It has been so exciting to see you grow and learn more every day! You are so sweet and cuddly. You give the best hugs. Your smile is so bright and heart warming. You are such a joy. We love you so much!

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