Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Delaney Jane: Ten Months

Delaney Jane is 10 months old! But, only for one more day, so I better share an update, quick!

Sweet, Laney. Oh my goodness. She is so teeny and so determined. She loves to mimic her sister in any way she can. Right now that it mostly in the form of making similar screeches and screams, followed by giggles. It's been so sweet, and a bit loud around here lately.

Delaney finally popped her third tooth, with three more trying to make their way through. She started pointing at things that she wants (so cute) and has been babbling a lot more. Laney's only real words are still Dada and Mama (in that order), however, she has been trying to say mimic the words "uh-oh" and "buba". She's much more into her motor function than speech. She loves to clap her hands.

Laney has been pulling herself up on to anything she can, and has started to walk along things, like the couch, too. She crawls really fast, now. She kind of understands the word no. In her mind, it means we shake our finger back and forth in the air, which she does back to us with a smile on her face. We smile back and laugh because it's the cutest thing ever, which is not helping our case. We'll work on it!

She's been feeding herself a lot more effortlessly lately, and also has been eating basically the same meals as we all have which has been real nice and easy. She is starting to love food, especially macaroni and cheese, avocadoes, peas, shredded cheddar, and pizza.

She isn't afraid of... much. The things that use to startle Piper as a baby make Delaney laugh. I think that's just a trait of being the baby sister to a 6 year old. When she goes down for her naps and bedtime, she loves to have her binky and her bunny. She likes when we put the bunny on our shoulder so she can grab and snuggle her head in to it while we bounce her around the room. It's probably not the best habit to create but, it's been the best experience for us. We love our snuggle times! She doesn't usually fall asleep on us but when she does we really soak that in and brag to the other parent who missed out. Haha.

We are so grateful for this baby girl. Here are some photos of her at 10 months old.

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