Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year 2022 + Focus Word: Growth

A new year brings new mercies and new hope.

Today is the first day in the new year. I’ve spent a good majority of my day meditating on what I might choose as my resolution for the new year. In between the quiet hustle in the kitchen this morning, between prepping pork and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes for dinner and, while prepping fresh fruits/vegetables for our fridge; I was thinking about what I might choose as my focus word for 2022.

I’ve decided on the word Growth for this new year.

I believe growth is always a goal tucked deep within our hearts for ourselves and our loved ones. Growth in myself and in my family will be done in various ways this year. 

Our family is excited to grow a more intentional garden this year! A garden that will grow not only food for our bellies, but will hopefully grow us in patience and in other ways. We’ve been planning and preparing for this garden in various ways for various months. I started documenting this fun process on a new Instagram page called Gracefully Grown: 

Most importantly, I hope for our family to grow closer to God in 2022. This past year was spent a little further removed from church than in previous years. While church doesn’t equal faith for us, it does support it. I hope we will grow in our faith through a deeper involvement in our church community and in our relationship with God this year.

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