Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Weight Check + Ready for Something New

Hello, everyone! How has your month been? February is one of the hardest months for me personally. It's nearing the end of winter but, not quite the end. I am anxiously awaiting the newness of Spring while also trying not to miss the beauty of the current moment. 

I am ready to get outside and reconnect with nature. I am ready to start the garden that has been on my heart and mind since last summer. I am ready to come out of hibernation.

If you are caught up on the blog then you know I have been intentionally hibernating in a sort of way this winter. As I wrote in my blog post "Striving in January" you'll know that I haven't felt like striving toward any goals this winter. Instead, I have felt the need to reconnect with the season by slowing down.

Now, as March is only a week away, I feel a sort of excitement for what's to come! I don't know if I'd consider myself fully out of hibernation quite yet. It's been rather comfy here. However, I am starting to stretch my arms and dust myself off a bit. I am working my way out slowly; as slowly as the winter changes to Spring.

Something happened with my health in the past week that had me running to food as medicine again. I started being more intentional about eating leafy greens and taking my vitamins. I even checked the scale this morning and I'm happy to see that my little hibernation this winter did not cause much trouble there. During my time in hibernation, I was hovering between 230-235. Today, I weighed in at 229. I am excited for where I might be in a month from now if I keep treating food like medicine, 80% of the time.

At this point in my life, the number on the scale holds less weight compared to how I'm feeling. And right now, I am feeling good and ready to welcome something new.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

*NEW VIDEO* Our Family Christmas 2021

You don't have to double check the date on this post. Yes, I am finally sharing our family Christmas video in February. At least there is still snow on the ground!

I have been very slowly working on putting our family Christmas video together and I just finally finished it! Our family loves looking back on these videos. I hope you enjoy this little peak into our life, as well.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Hello, February + Seeking Beautiful Moments

I welcome February with a deep breath and happy sigh. 

The sunshine is out today. It’s helping to lower our 2ft snow piles by just a bit. This, however, will be short lived. We have a winter storm due to hit sometime tomorrow or the next day. So today I will enjoying the sunshine beaming through the windows while it lasts.

Last month, I focused on slowing down. I returned to home cooked meals, baking bread from scratch, trimming our budget and working to be fully present in the moment with our family. Our schedule in January was still quite busy, but for us it was the right kind of busy. We got a lot of in-person time with various family and friends. It was good.

This month, I want to focus more on my self care. I want to be more intentional about staying hydrated, moving my body and seeking beautiful moments of rest. I added the word beautiful in there on purpose. 

During winter it can be hard to find beauty in the moments. It’s definitely there, I just need to seek it out. Like last night when I stepped outside to let the dogs out before bed. I looked up to see the stars shining bright in the dark clear sky while holding a hot cup of tea in my hands. I took a deep breath of the cold winter air and then watched the steam float away as the breath escaped my mouth. You know, that sort of thing. There can be moments of beauty even in the most cold and dark places.