Saturday, April 16, 2022

Value in the Mundane

Hello, hello! I hope this blog finds you well. Thanks for stopping by to catch up with me today.

It’s quite clear that I haven’t been blogging as much recently. The other day, I started to ask myself why that has been the case. Sure, I haven’t been feeling all that well (see previous post for more on that). But, that isn’t the only reason. Some of the reason is because I feel like I don’t want to waste anyones time with my ramblings. Time is precious and fleeting. I don’t want to waste my own time or yours. 

So, I think another reason I haven’t been blogging all that much is because I’ve been trying not to blog unless I have something really important to say. Unlike years ago, when I would update on the most mundane, little daily things happening in my life. But, I don’t know if I like that train of thinking all that much. Because it’s the little, sometimes mundane things, that I want to be able to look back on and remember.

For instance, I want to share and remember how when our 16 month old daughter, Laney, gives hugs she throw her arms behind her back and lays into you. It’s truly the sweetest thing. Or, how Piper helped me plant our tomato seeds for this years garden the other day. During which time, she shared a bunch of facts about how to grow plants and how worms are beneficial for the soil. In that moment, my heart was so proud.

It’s those little things that happen throughout our days that I want to capture and savor for years to come. So while some of my writings may seem mundane, I don’t believe it is a waste of time (at least for me) to capture it all. I hope to be sharing more of the mundane here, soon.

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