My husband and I welcomed our baby girl, Piper Grace, to the world on January 21, 2015. This page is for all things related to our journey with Piper from pregnancy and beyond.

First Trimester
Our Announcement
The Positive Test
Weeks 4-8
12 Week Ultrasound
Weeks 9-13

Second Trimester
Weeks 14-18
20 Week Ultrasound
Gender Reveal
Diaper Party
22 week Bump Photos
Niagara Falls Babymoon
Weeks 19-23
Weeks 24-27

Third Trimester
27 Week Maternity Photos
My First Baby Shower
My Second Baby Shower
Weeks 28-31
My Third Baby Shower
35 Week Sonogram
Weeks 32-35
Nursery Tour and Name Reveal
Weeks 36-39
Week 40
Our Birth Plan

Piper's Birth Story

Piper's First Year
Piper's First Week
Piper's First Valentine's Day
Piper Grace: One Month
Piper at 6 Weeks
Piper Grace: Two Months
Piper's First Stroller Ride
Piper Grace: Three Months
My First Mother's Day
Piper Grace: Four Months
Piper's First Memorial Day Weekend
Piper's First Rat Rod
Piper Grace: Five Months
Piper's First Food - Carrots
Piper's First Fourth of July
Piper's Second Food - Sweet Potatoes
Piper Grace: Six Months
Piper's Third Food - Green Beans
Piper's Fourth Food - Avocado
Piper's Fifth Food - Peas
Piper's First Beach Trip
Piper Grace: Seven Months
Piper's First Fair Week
Piper Grace: Eight Months
Piper's First Pumpkin Patch
Piper's First Party
Piper's First Halloween
Piper Grace: Nine Months
Piper's First Thanksgiving
Piper Grace: Ten Months
Piper's First Christmas
Piper Grace: Eleven Months
Piper Grace: Twelve Months

Piper's First Birthday Party "Winter ONEderland"

Piper Grace: Eighteen Months

Piper Grace: Two Years Old

Piper's Second Birthday Party "Tea for Two"

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