Weight-Loss Rewards

Along with personal challenges, another way that I have motivated myself throughout my weight-loss journey is through a reward system. For every 5 pounds lost, I give myself a reward!

At the beginning of my weight-loss journey: 268 lbs.

1st Reward - 4/1/11 - New Book - 260 lbs.

2nd Reward - 5/15/11 - New Book - 254 lbs.
3rd Reward - 5/25/11 - New Top - 249.3 lbs.

4th Reward - 8/2/11 - New Top - 244.8 lbs.

5th Reward - 8/30/11 - New Necklace - 239 lbs.

6th Reward - 4/5/12 - New Book - 234.6 lbs.

7th Reward - 2/14/13 - Yoga Mat - 230 lbs.
Weight loss rewards on hold! Found out I'm pregnant on May 15, 2015. Will resume working toward losing weight post-baby :)


  1. You look fantastic, way to go! :) I look forward to reading more!

  2. Just wondering, how tall are you?

    1. 5'4"/5'3" depending on who is measuring me.
      I've seen both numbers!

  3. You are doing great! love that you reward yourself!

  4. You look fantastic!!! Proud of you <3

  5. Wow, I am impressed with what you did. Also, I hate my picture being taken but I think it is a great idea and going to start doing that today

  6. I love the idea of rewards. I need to start doing this!! Your making great progress!

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  8. You look amazing and love your post as well.

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  10. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love the idea of taking pictures with your rewards. And 5 pounds seems like a great goal in between.