Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 3 of 25: Insecure

I experienced a feeling that I haven't felt in a long while. I felt insecure today, out of nowhere. I'm sure that just about everyone has that feeling at some point in their life. I remember feeling a little insecure throughout high school. I haven't really experienced it much, if even at all, since then. Today though, I felt it.

My office is in a city where a college is spread throughout about 10 blocks. College is back in session and as I was walking to my office, I was surrounded by college kids. I felt really insecure and I have no idea why. I've worked at the office for 3 years now and college kids come and go; I'm not sure why today, I felt insecure walking around amongst them. I have many reasons why I shouldn't be insecure:

1. I'm happy
2. I'm married to a wonderful guy
3. I've got a really good job
4. I've got a house in the area that I always wanted to live in
5. I'm on a journey to better myself and my health

I'm thinking that the insecurity might have something to do with my 5 year high school reunion being just last weekend. My only regret at the reunion was not weighing less. I feel like I've accomplished every single other goal that I had for this point in my life, with the exception of the weight-loss. This is why I am so happy that I am working towards that goal now. This is why I am not going to stop.

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