Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 6 of 25: So Long Tight Pants

Like most people, I have a pair of work pants that my husband and I know as the "tight pants". These are the pants that I avoiding wearing at all cost. They're the pair that I'd do a midnight run of laundry just to get out of having to wear them the next day. They are the pair that I'd try on, then quickly rip off in disgust before searching for an alternative while rushing my way through the morning routine. These are the pants that I put at the bottom of my folded laundry pile. They are the pants that I am relieved to unbutton when I take a bathroom break, and the ones that make me think, "who needs to wear pants anyways?" when it comes time to button them back up. Okay, okay... maybe they aren't THAT bad, but you get the picture.

These pants that I refer to are the enemy of all pants. Or maybe I should say that they 'were' the enemy of all pants, because I have been wearing my "tight pants" all morning without noticing which pants I actually had on. My tight pants are no longer tight! They fit perfectly now! No longer do I have an enemy in my closet, but instead a new best friend. No more frantic searches for the pants that fit. I can officially wear any of the pants in my closet without worry! What a relief... so long "tight pants"!

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