Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Obstacle

Yesterday was my husband’s “first day of school”. He is working from 8:00 – 5:00 and then he goes to school from 5:30 – 9:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays. Last night, when he got home, I had the house cleaned and dinner waiting for him in the fridge. As he sat down to eat, I sat with him. I wanted to hear all about his first day of school. This was a bad idea. He was eating, and it was 10:00 at night. I hadn’t eaten anything since dinner, 5 hours prior. I was hungry and watching him eat made me feel like I was starving, naturally. I ate another helping of dinner with him and then went to bed 30 minutes later. Not a great start to my cruise challenge. I am happy to say, however, that I have been following my exercise plan. Yesterday, I was to go for a walk. I not only went for a walk, I also did some stretching while I watched one of my favorite shows and then I went on to do some Wii Fit. I took great advantage of my time to myself, with my husband being away at school. The only thing that I have to work on now, is my self control once my husband returns home.

A big obstacle for me to overcome this week is our town’s fair has begun. The fair is in town until Saturday. Our small town literally shuts down for this fair. The grocery store closes early, our local pizza shop closes for the whole week. The only thing still up and running is the gas station and the bars, of course. Just about everyone in our town, and from neighboring towns, comes to this fair. I actually fell in love with my husband at this very same fair. We really love going down there to eat, meet up with old friends, and bask in the fun atmosphere. The fair has the most delicious food, and it only comes “once a year”. My favorite things that I get from the fair each year are as follows:

1. Blooming Potato: This is a large potato, cut like a blooming onion. It’s smothered in melted cheese (the kind that you’d dip nachos in) and you can even add real bacon bits, ground beef, banana peppers, black olives and sour cream. This bad boy is going to be the hardest thing to stay away from all week long!

2. Deep Fried Oreos: If you have ever tried these, you know just how good they are! The serving at the fair gives you six deep fried oreos with powdered sugar on top. I almost always burn my mouth on this treat though, because they are so good; I just can’t wait to eat them! This is one treat that I think I will be able to avoid. The price is quite the deterrent.

3. Fair Pizza: The largest slice of pizza you’ve ever seen! They always have the wildest things on these pizza’s too! This is going to be a hard one to resist, as well. It’s funny how I feel like it’s tradition to eat this.

4. Pie: There is this one place at the fair that sells the best homemade pie. You actually get a deal with this one, so it makes it a little harder to resists. You can get a burger, a side and a slice of pie for a really good price! We are meeting our friends at the fair tomorrow night and I know they will want to get their dinner from this stand. I can easily track the burger, but the pie I will have to resist.

5. Real Lemonade: Yes, its real lemonade… with a really dangerous amount of sugar added. It’s really easy to gain 10 pounds from a week at this fair.

6. Doughboys: Naturally, every fair has to have a doughboy. I like mine with butter and cinnamon sugar on top. Another “tradition”; this week is going to be tough!

My goal for the week is to avoid all of the temptations listed above. I can already hear myself saying “but it’s just once a year” and that is true. Everyone should indulge a little every once in a while. The problem is that I just started my cruise challenge and I really want to lose 10 pounds by the end of next month. Eating the items listed above will not help my efforts. I’m going to stay committed to this challenge! Wish me luck!

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