Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Biggest Loser Premier!

This morning I woke up to some low calorie banana muffins and roses that my husband got me for our anniversary yesterday! I must say, I was one happy girl this morning! :)

For work, I packed grapes, a sandwich, crackers, and a fiber one brownie.

My husband is away at school again tonight, so I will be eating dinner alone. I'm planning on doing dishes, taking Max for a walk, then watching the season premier of Biggest Loser.

I was excited when I heard on the radio this morning that the Biggest Loser premier is tonight! I don't watch regular programming much (I love instant streaming with netflix) but this is one show that I'll turn the netflix off for!

Is anyone else going to be tuning in tonight?

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  1. I cannot wait either! Its one of the few shows that inspire me, and give me some great tips!

  2. I will also be watching!! Your flowers are sooooo pretty!!

  3. what a sweet man!

    I've never watched the biggest looser, but I've heard so much about it that I thought maybe I should find a show or two.