Friday, September 23, 2011

Business Trip Meals

I’ve got a business trip that will be taking me about 6 hours from home for three days next week. I’ll be driving down Monday, in meetings all day Tuesday, then driving back home on Wednesday. Good news for me is that my sister, who is in cyber school, is coming with me to keep me company while I’m away from home. We like to use my business trips as a “sisters retreat” whenever possible. In the evenings we will paint our nails, have facials, go shopping, go exploring and… go out to eat.
Business trips are always difficult for me temptation wise. I’ve got no other choice but to eat out for dinners. It’s even more tempting that I can order anything that I’d like and it’s going to be paid for! Dessert paid for? So hard to resist!
I’m going to ask my sister to help me stay strong while out of town and to help me stick to healthier options. I’m also going to pack snacks for in the hotel room. Planning seems to be the key for staying on track while out of town. I’m going to be working on a plan and will share it once I’m finished!

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