Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm back and so are a couple of pounds

I've returned home from my business trip and I am so happy to be getting back in to my routine. I actually had a really great trip, but there is just nothing like being home!

As I mentioned before, I took my sister with me on this trip. We had loads of fun! Facials, shopping, dining out, exploring, more shopping, and a movie. I fit some business in to this trip, as well, I promise! :)

Something that I strayed away from that I am planning on getting back to is tracking my nutrition. I want to track my nutrition strictly for the remainder of this week. Hopefully this will help me get back down to where I was pre-business trip. I put a couple of pounds on while out of town. Thankfully, I didn't go overboard and I just need to keep in mind that it could have been worse!

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