Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh, Geeze!

So, I watched the Biggest Loser season premier last night. I decided to exercise lightly on the gazelle in front of the tv throughout the first hour of the show, taking breaks during commercials. Within the first 5 minutes of the show, I had tears in my eyes. I remember thinking "Oh, Geeze! That's right! I get so emotional during this show!"

If you didn't watch the show, let me just tell you that there was really nothing to get teary eyed about in the first 5 minutes. My teary eyes ended up coming and going throughout the entire show. I was just so moved to see people like me get the chance that we all deserve, the chance to save ourselves!

When the younger and middle team ran to help the older team cross the finish line, I lost it! There I was, on the gazelle with tears running down my face. I was thinking about how I am so fortunate to have people like the ones who read my blog, to cheer me on to the finish line just like the teams I was watching on tv.

So, thank you readers and cheerleaders! You're support continues to help me move toward that finish line!

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