Friday, September 16, 2011

Temptation Galore

Let me first start by declaring that I am feeling great today! I can actually see the difference in my face that people have been commenting on these past few weeks. I believe them now; my face does look a little slimmer! I guess that's what losing 30 pounds does to ya! ;)

Now, moving on to the reason for this blogs title, "Temptations Galore". Today is going to be tough. It seems like there is just one temptation after another lined up for today.

For breakfast, my boss brought in freshly baked cookies from a local chocolate shop. She called it "cookies for breakfast". I took a 1/4 of a cookie. They were large cookies, so I think I'll just track it as 1/2 of a cookie.

Since I was running low on both time and groceries this morning, I grabbed a water and some turkey lunch meat to bring with me for work. One of the attorneys that I work for offered to bring in pizza for lunch today, and so began the idea of having a "food day" in out office. I offered to bring a side of veggies (carrots) while others offered to bring chips, cookies, brownies, etc. Which brings me to my next temptation of the day, "the office lunch".

The photo above is a picture of my plate for the office lunch. While, I feel like I could have done better, I am choosing to focus on how good it was of me of get carrots and salad instead of chips!

Last, but certainly not the least of my temptations for the day, we have the fair. Friday night is one of the busiest nights for the fair. I'm planning on doing my exercise for the day at the fair tonight. Walking around the fair grounds 3-4 times equals out to be a mile. I know this because the fair grounds double as our local park and I've tracked it's distance before. The fair food is going to be my biggest temptation of the entire day.

If I conquer all of these temptations today by staying within calorie range, I have decided to reward myself with two fudge popsicles. They are 40 calories each and will be a great reward if I am able to maintain my self control. I can do it!

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