Thursday, December 15, 2011

Get a Grip!

I need to get a grip! I'm going to stop myself while I'm ahead.

I actually started the morning off well; for breakfast I had a scrambled egg. For a snack, I had a clementine. Then, there were these chocolate covered pretzels. I had four of them. That's not a huge amount, but, it wasn't planned and I felt super impulsive when I ate them. I had a feeling that I wasn't going to stop there, either, but I managed to stop myself.

Dinner is a little complicated tonight. After work, I am driving the 45 minutes home to pick up my husband. Then, we are driving 45 minutes back in to the city to attend my boss' Christmas Party. There will be a lot of snacks there, and it's going to be hard to resist. I feel the pressure of tonights food choices, weighing down on me already. I am going to do my best tonight, but if I am completely honest, I am starting to lose a little hope as to whether or not I am able to lose weight around the holidays.

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